Pick from 50 digital analytics & optimisation discussions

Simple! Each conference delegate participates in five discussions – two on day one and three on day two of the conference. Each discussion lasts for 90 minutes.

There are 50 discussions to pick from, split into five slots. You pick your first, second and third choices for each slot. You will get your itinerary upon your arrival at the conference. Last year, delegates got on average 83% of their first choice selections.
The earlier you book the more likely you are to get your first choices.

The hardest part is picking your top choices from a very tempting discussions list. The discussion selection follows the registration process. You can select your discussions immediately after you register or at a later time more convenient for you.

All networking social events included!

The most productive and interesting parts of any conference are the spontaneous conversations you have with your peers. Along with the usual networking opportunities you would expect, the DA Hub host three distinct events, all inclusive in the price of registration.
The Welcome Reception held on the evening of June 7 provides delegates with an opportunity to ease into the conference against the backdrop of an informal atmosphere.
Our Evening Dinner & Social Event is designed to encourage and stimulate conversations by creating a relaxed environment for delegates to meet and continue discussions from the day's event.
Finally, the Closing Reception enables delegates with an opportunty to round up ongong conversations and reach out to delegates whom which you have not had the opportunity to connect with.

Workshops - practical training to boost your knowledge

Looking to broaden your digital analytics and conversion rate optimisation skills?
Need to understand how to tackle segmentation, data warehousing, data visualisation or tag management?
Want to learn how to set up a conversion rate optimisation programme?
Our workshop training day lets you do all of that and more. Learn from leading practitioners such as Gary Angel, Craig Sullivan & Stéphane Hamel in interactive sessions designed to maximise your learning.

Choose three two-hour workshops from 12 exciting topics led by some of the most experienced practitioners in the industry.
Workshops are interactive, giving you the opportunity to get answers to all your questions.