2016 Event Sponsors

Premier Sponsor
Hub Scan
Hub’Scan Inc. is the first company ever to lay the groundwork for digital analytics business processes into a structuring, comprehensive, user-friendly and automated SaaS platform: Hub’Scan EX.
The Hub’Scan EX platform manages data collection processes to secure data relevance, compliance, accuracy and efficiency, for the 3 key phases of the digital business process: traffic acquisition, visitor behavior knowledge and business conversion.
While Big Data, DMP and predictive analytics rely mostly on live online data for digital business success, tagging solutions collecting such data points are still unable to match a website lifecycle. At the same time, most relevant data points are not collected.
Hub'Scan helps a company’s CDO/CMO/CFO/CIO succeed in the quest for the digital Holy Grail – optimising ROI and business conversion, while reducing Total Cost of Ownership and Time To Market. 
By introducing Hub’Scan into their digital ecosystem, our clients are now able to:
  • Go for deterministic data and effectively operate and monetise their investments and digital projects
  • Get unrivalled ROI for digital campaigns and business conversion
  • Switch over from massive ad spending to highly targeted visitor knowledge
Gold Partner
IQ Analytics is part of the AIM listed InterQuest Group (UK) Ltd, one of the largest specialist recruitment organisations in the UK, with revenues in excess of £150 million.
We focus on jobs for analytical and statistical professionals within Data Science, Risk, Customer Insight, Digital Analytics, Econometrics, SAS, Statistical Modelling and Big Data. We’re proud to be in the minority of recruitment agencies that has always been focussed exclusively on recruiting analytical and statistical talent, so we really can call ourselves experts within this space. Our candidates are always in high demand, and we leverage our technical appreciation of analytical skills to connect the best talent to the most sought after contract, interim and permanent job opportunities on the market.

2016 Emerging Technology Partners

Snowplow is a data pipeline that enables our users to:
  1. Track events from their websites, mobile applications, server side systems (including call centres, warehouses, shop floors, sensors and other connected devices) at scale (billions of events per month)
  2. Load that data into their own data warehouse to power sophisticated analytics
  3. Make that data available in real-time to data-driven applications (e.g. marketing automation, personalisation, real-time dashboards etc.)
At Snowplow, we take a radically different approach to analytics compared to traditional web and mobile analytics vendors:
  1. Our users can define their own event and entity types i.e. their own data schemas. They do not have to squeeze their products and services into a long list of custom dimensions and metrics
  2. Our users can define their own data modelling processes: for example their own logic for identifying users across channels and platforms, their own logic for combining sequences of events into workflows and sessions
  3. Our platform evolves with our users. Because event and entity schemas are versioned, and data models can be recomputed on the entire data set, your Snowplow data warehouse can evolve with your business and you never have to say goodbye to your old data
  4. Our users own their own data in their own Amazon Web Services account. We do not mediate their access to their own data
  5. Our platform is open source
Our customers are analytically-sophisticated companies that use the detailed event-level data we deliver to drive marketing, product development and content creation and optimisation processes.
Use It Better
UseItBetter Analytics and Optimisation Platform helps online businesses understand the behaviour of their customers and run insight-driven experimentation programmes aiming at improving the conversion and customer satisfaction. 
UseItBetter integrates essential functions typically fragmented among a number of software vendors (including A/B testing, numerical and visual analytics, voice of customer) into a unified workflow. When troubleshooting problems or discovering opportunities, the synergy between UseItBetter tools and collected data allows to learn both “why” and “how much”, prioritise hypotheses and immediately put them into testing. 
What makes this unique approach work is the automated data collection. With a plug-and-play integration, UseItBetter tracks 100% of customer interactions with a website, providing rich, yet reliable data unavailable in classic analytics tools such as Google Analytics. 
UseItBetter is an enterprise-grade service used by some of the largest online retailers (Shop Direct), direct insurers (AXA) and banks (Credit Agricole) in Europe.
Piwik PRO
Piwik PRO is a company established in 2013 by the founders of Piwik - the world’s leading open-source web analytics platform. Its smart technical solutions provide valuable insights into website traffic, visitor activity and marketing campaigns, so users can optimise their digital strategy and the online experience of their visitors.
Piwik PRO was created in response to a growing demand for professional, enterprise-level support. We offer our services to organisations, governments and other institutions requiring sensitive data protection, 100% data ownership and privacy compliance.
The main offer of Piwik PRO includes cloud hosting (Piwik PRO Cloud) and on-premises deployment (Piwik PRO On-Premises) to match the varied needs of our clients. Upgraded versions of Piwik give access to numerous premium features such as Funnel Analytics, Metasites, White Labelling and more. In addition, our experts offer their assistance and support during the setup and configuration process and make sure the Piwik platform is always operating with the latest version.
The Piwik PRO team has created, implemented, and maintained a wide range of customised solutions for a variety of use cases. Our core values are freedom, transparency, data ownership and privacy. These are the guiding principles at the heart of how we make things happen.
Authoritas.com: Empowering next-level content marketing. We provide big data solutions that give your enterprise the edge. Our unique big data-powered market intelligence will help you uncover the optimum content marketing opportunities. By using our graph analysis and segmentation you can accurately map your market dynamics, its true size and concentration and forecast your traffic growth from our actionable content suggestions.
As more and more content is published online, it becomes more difficult to compete in market that tends to focus on similar opportunities. Our unique approach allows you to focus on producing content based upon projected ROI and not necessarily following the herd. Data-driven strategies also increase the quality of your content affording higher levels of confidence in choosing subjects that matter. By analysing your target market our data driven content strategies open up new areas in which to write about, keeping your content fresh and effective.
Find out more and sign-up for a demo at https://www.authoritas.com/.