We have had to push the DA Hub back from October 2020 to March 2021 as we're looking to improve delegates' experience even further. As part of this improvement drive, we are introducing:

  1. Two new huddle formats (see below)
  2. Delegate networking (both 1:1 and small groups). More info to be added in due course

The Super Huddle where up to four practitioners will lead the discussion with delegates chipping in with questions and their experiences. The Presentation Huddle where the leader will provide a 10-minute presentation followed by a huddle discussion. Both formats are designed to provide greater context to the huddle and generate more tangible outcomes for you, the delegate.

The DA Hub Experience
Peer to Peer Analytics Knowledge Exchange

DA Hub brings together top analytics professionals for in-depth P2P idea exchange.
Leading digital analytics data science and optimization practitioners come from across 

North America US to discuss and share the latest developments, challenges and opportunities in the industry.
It is a unique opportunity to be part of the conversation.
With over 25 huddles to pick from, run by the industry’s foremost practitioners and only 160 places available, you should book your place for this year’s event to meet, learn, share and network.
The DA Hub is the best P2P knowledge exchange event in the analytics industry - 97% of 2020 delegates surveyed said they came away with tangible insights they could apply to their analytics & experimentation programs immediately.

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Delegate Testimonials

Hear from Gary Angel, Jim Sterne, John Lovett, Mike Gustafson, Amex, Autodesk,  Lenovo, Turner & other leaders in our industry why the DA Hub is such a valuable experience for senior digital practitioners

"This is my favorite Conference going - by far. Modeled on X Change, it provides the same wonderful all-conversation format, relaxed atmosphere and intense deep-dives. You will love it"
Gary Angel
Founder & CEO, Digital Mortar
"The DA Hub nourishes a unique ambiance of sharing and collaboration. It is one of the very few analytics conference that manages to get 120 delegates and make them feel as part of one team with one common goal – making digital analytics better and helping each other do better."
Etienne Cox
Director Global Online & Web Analytics, Dell
"Simply the best conference I’ve ever attended! You aren’t listening to canned presentations – you’re talking to peers about real problems and real solutions. It’s a totally different experience."
Tom Betts
Chief Data Officer, Financial Times
"The intimate huddle format fosters amazing conversations and networking. It is an excellent event."
Shari Cleary
SVP, Research & Insights, BuzzFeed
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Huddle Leaders

Sonia Metha
Director of Analytics
Elevate Labs
June Dershewitz
Head of Data Strategy
Amazon Music
Rusty Rahmer
Head of Customer Experience Solutions

Caitlin Moorman
Head of Analytics
Trove Recommerce

2021 DA Hub Sponsors

Available! Please contact info@digitalanalyticshub.com

Interested in Being a Sponsor at the 2021 Virtual DA Hub?

The DA Hub offers a unique opportunity for vendors to engage with prospects rather than just sell to them.

Through our three-step delegate engagement process you will get the opportunity to lead a conversation, to present a demo your product in your own demo room and deeply engage with our audience.

Be part of the conversation not the side kick.

If you are interested in being a sponsor please contact Michael Feiner to discuss our tailored sponsorship packages.