The Digital Analytics Hub is all about you

Listening to an analytics, experimentation or data science expert speak is never going to deliver you the same value as sitting with them and discussing your particular challenges. That is what you will do at the DA Hub.

Our unique roundtable format means you will hear from your peers how they are addressing similar challenges to the ones you face. You will share your experiences and ask questions to help you achieve your targets.

You will nurture real connections with your peers rather than just making LinkedIn contacts.
Past DA Hub delegates have come away empowered to face management and improve their programs through the knowledge and use cases shared at the DA Hub.

* Delegate survey results across four virtual events in 2020

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How Does the Virtual DA Hub Work?
Very much like the in-person event:
  1. Pick the most relevant roundtables (huddles) to you from 25+ huddles available
  2. Receive your agenda by email and join the conference on March 4th and 5th (1pm to 5pm ET)
  3. We will allocate you to your huddles (each delegate participates in two huddles per day)
  4. Each huddle is moderated by an industry expert; ask questions, get answers and share your insights with others

You will also get to network with fellow delegates following each huddle to connect, continue the conversation and get specific questions answered.

Huddle Leaders

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2021 DA Hub Sponsors

Interested in Being a Sponsor at the 2021 Virtual DA Hub?

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The DA Hub offers a unique opportunity for vendors to engage with prospects rather than just sell to them.

Through our three-step delegate engagement process you will get the opportunity to lead a conversation, demo your product in your own demo room and her from delegates about their specific challenges.

Be part of the conversation not the side kick.

Contact Michael Feiner to discuss our tailored sponsorship packages via or on +44 776 458 1275.