Jordan Peck: Are Packed Analytics Solutions Holding You Back?
Thursday, March 4, 2021, 4:00 PM - 5:20 PM
Jordan Peck

How far are you willing to leap from the comforts of the standard to the benefits (and challenges) of the bespoke? Is an out-of-the-box analytics stack still a viable possibility in today’s demanding analytics environment? Don’t we all operate some hybrid tech stack?

In this huddle, led by Jordan Peck, Solutions Architect as Snowplow, we will share insights and use cases relating to the following questions:

•    Which features/functionality would you change in GA/Adobe/your tool?
•    What are the limitations of packaged solutions and how can these be overcome?
•    What direction are these big players taking their analytics/digital marketing products?
•    What’s the next big innovation in web analytics?

Whether you at the consideration stage, already looking to build or buy or in post roll out, this discussion will help shape your thoughts around your next steps. Grab some post lunch treat on us (we will send you an Uber Eats voucher prior to the huddle) and together we will walk away with practical ideas on how we can help our own organizations stay ahead in this rapidly changing world.

Discussion Round