Jose Maldonado
Manager BI, Marketing Effectiveness
Jose Maldonado is a data and analytics leader at Verizon. His analytics experience spans over a decade across different functions including Finance, Digital Marketing, Pricing & Promotions, New Products & Innovation, and currently in Marketing Effectiveness where the group measures the ROI of marketing efforts across the organization.

Jose spent most of his career in Marketing Analytics performing work across data strategy, data engineering, and business intelligence. Jose earned a Black Belt in Verizon’s Lean Six Sigma program for delivering process improvement projects that eliminate waste, cut cost, and increase revenue for the business.

He is well versed in SQL, R and Tableau among other tools and technologies. He has a passion for data visualization, process design and optimization, and in developing analytics talent. Jose’s always seeking out opportunities to learn and teach new analytic tools and techniques to accelerate innovation.

Jose holds an MBA from Centenary University and a BS in Business Administration from the University at Buffalo.
Jose Maldonado