Andrea Mestriner
Global Head of Analytics
YOOX Net A Porter
Andrea Mestriner has over 14 years’ experience in the ecommerce domain spanning technology, product management, data and analytics. Andrea founded his product recommendation start-up in the US. In 2009 Expedia acquired his company. Subsequently, he joined Expedia where he fulfilled a host of roles in platform technology integration, product management (both customer and supplier focus) and finally in website and mobile apps optimisation where he had an active part in building the data platform to enable a fast integration of various datasets from the different tools used to monitor customer feedback, customer experience, website/apps performance to identify “frictions” to purchase and increase revenue and customer satisfaction.

While at Expedia he cultivated his interest in customer and marketing analytics and the need to apply a growth mindset to this domain.

Andrea then joined European tech giant Just Eat where he held the role of Head of Data Analytics, Visualisation & Experimentation. At Just Eat he built a team of 24 professionals covering all aspects of analytics and visualisation. He also developed the company’s experimentation centre of excellence from scratch.

Currently he is the Global Head of Analytics for online high fashion retailer YOOX NET A PORTER GROUP. He is tasked with transforming the group’s analytics and digital marketing infrastructure to enable more effective data utilisation and a customer-led sales strategy.
Andrea Mestriner