Don't sit through another boring virtual event.

The DA Hub will keep you engaged, learning & networking

Instead of enduring another expert presentation why not sit with that expert and other peers to surface relevant solutions?


Our unique roundtable format means you will hear from your peers how they are addressing challenges similar to the ones you face. You will share your experiences and ask questions to help you achieve your targets.

You will nurture real connections in our visual Networking Lounge with your peers rather than just making LinkedIn contacts. Yes, no more trying to figure out who is here and where to find them.

Leave empowered to face your management with solutions and improve your analytics/experimentation program through the knowledge and use cases shared at the DA Hub.

* Delegate survey results across four virtual events in 2020

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Huddle Leaders

Network like you would at an in-person event

 Good networking is what makes a conference successful. Not so trivial when everyone is attending from home.

That's why networking at the DA Hub is visual and intuitive. Step into our Virtual Lounge and quickly see who's available for a chat. Instantly join 1:1 or 1:Many conversations. No awkwardness; no waiting for confirmations; no surprises.

Reconnect with old colleagues and meet new peers exactly like you would in an in-person event (minus the handshake).

Join us for a virtual chocolate tasting experience

Register by February 15th 18th and be one of 50 70 delegates (thank you Fivetran for extending the offer) to attend our chocolate tasting session on Friday March 5th (17:30 EST). We will send you home a fabulous   complimentary chocolate tasting trunk ahead of time.

On Friday afternoon chocolate educator Anya Zelfond will take you on a tasting adventure via a curated collection of international chocolate craft makers.

You'll discover the best way to experience chocolate and how to taste it, as well as learning fun facts and engaging in chocolate games.

Chocholate tasting sponsored by

How Does the Virtual DA Hub Work?

Very much like the in-person event:
  1. Pick the most relevant roundtables (huddles) to you from 25+ huddles available
  2. Receive your agenda by email and join the conference on March 4th and 5th (1pm to 5pm ET)
  3. We will allocate you to your huddles (each delegate participates in two huddles per day)
  4. Each huddle is moderated by an industry expert; ask questions, get answers and share your insights with others

You will also get to network with fellow delegates following each huddle to connect, continue the conversation and get specific questions answered.

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Click on the link below if you are ready to register.

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2021 DA Hub Sponsors

Interested in sponsoring?
We are sold out for March 2021 but get in touch for future events

The DA Hub offers a unique opportunity for vendors to engage with prospects rather than just sell to them.

Through our three-step delegate engagement process you will get the opportunity to lead a conversation, demo your product in your own demo room and her from delegates about their specific challenges.

Be part of the conversation not the side kick.

Contact Michael Feiner to discuss our tailored sponsorship packages via or on +44 776 458 1275.