Recruiting & Retaining Analytics Talent Workshop

Without the right people it doesn’t matter how good your technology, data and processes are.  This workshop will explore the art and science of recruiting and retaining analytics talent.
The first half of the workshop will be a presentation of best practices for both sides of the talent equation:  recruitment & retention.  Topics will include:
  • Creating an ongoing talent sourcing strategy
  • Increasing your acceptance rate
  • Salary survey… pricing your job effectively
  • How to extend the tenure of your analytics team
  • Recruitment marketing for analytics professionals
  • Fine tuning your interview process
The second half of the workshop will be a hands-on session where participants will work on recruiting strategies for their analytics jobs. Participants will arrive at work Monday morning ready to fill jobs and extend the tenure of their teams.   
The workshop is open to both analytics execs who need to fill jobs within their teams and talent acquisition / HR professionals who want to deliver better results. 
Join the Full Day Workshop on October 2nd, 2017, from 10am - 4pm
Corry Prohens is the CEO of IQ Workforce, the leading recruiting firm for the digital, marketing & customer analytics communities.  Over the past decade Corry’s team has filled hundreds of analytics jobs, from the analyst-level up to the C-Suite.  IQ Workforce’s contributions to the analytics talent community has made them a 2-time finalist for the Digital Analytics Association’s “Most Influential Vendor Award.”  Corry is a widely recognized thought leader on the recruiting and retention of analytics talent.