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Domo helps employees—from the CEO to the front line worker—optimize business performance by connecting them to the data and people they need to improve business results. With Domo, customers can access relevant insights, collaborate with colleagues, and make faster, better-informed decisions across the organization. Domo’s customers include 20% of the Fortune 50, as well as a host of fast-growth companies in every vertical. Learn more at
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ObservePoint helps data-informed companies trust their data and better serve their customers by automatically monitoring and validating analytics and marketing tags on all digital properties. ObservePoint pioneered automated web analytics auditing and audits millions of pages every month to report data loss, inflation, and leakage to web analytics managers and stakeholders. With ObservePoint, you can govern your analytics data with efficiency, confidence and accuracy.
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IQ Workforce provides Talent-on-Demand for the strategy and analytics communities.
Talent-on-demand means that you can engage top strategy and analytics talent the best way that fit your needs: full-time or part-time, on-site or remote, fixed price or time based, contract or full time… we work with you to engineer the right talent model to solve your business needs.
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Snowplow is a data pipeline that enables clients to:
  1. Track events from their websites, mobile applications, server side systems (including call centres, warehouses, shop floors, sensors and other connected devices) at scale (billions of events per month)
  2. Load that data into their own data warehouse to power sophisticated analytics
  3. Make that data available in real-time to data-driven applications (e.g. marketing automation, personalisation, real-time dashboards etc.)
Snowplow takes a radically different approach to analytics compared to traditional web and mobile analytics vendors:
  1. Our users can define their own event and entity types i.e. their own data schemas. They do not have to squeeze their products and services into a long list of custom dimensions and metrics
  2. Our users can define their own data modelling processes: for example their own logic for identifying users across channels and platforms, their own logic for combining sequences of events into workflows and sessions
  3. Our platform evolves with our users. Because event and entity schemas are versioned, and data models can be recomputed on the entire data set, your Snowplow data warehouse can evolve with your business and you never have to say goodbye to your old data
  4. Our users own their own data in their own Amazon Web Services account. We do not mediate their access to their own data
  5. Our platform is open source
Snowplow clients are analytically-sophisticated companies that use the detailed event-level data we deliver to drive marketing, product development and content creation and optimisation processes.
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Vizadata democratizes prediction for the business users.  Our highly-scalable SaaS platform enables managers and executives to easily apply the power of deep learning, using our proprietary neural network, to create powerful models for decision intelligence. 

We've automated advanced cognitive data science into a single-click. By democratizing data science, we help companies reduce the cost of data science. How?  To start, you no longer need to hire as many data scientists (or any at all) and our SaaS standardizes your data science platform.  The ROI is clear and demonstrable. Executives move from deciding on intuition based on the predictions of others to predicting on their own, faster and at lower cost. 
Vizadata automates all of what a cognitive data scientist would do to build a supervised AI architecture for deep learning, tuning it to your custom data. This automation includes automatic generation of the AI architecture, including the layers and nodes and all the coefficients.  The net is accurate prediction, faster and at a lower cost. Models are built, often in minutes, and our scoring can be immediately actioned and/or fed to our systems (like marketing automation). We backtest to prove the accuracy, so there is no doubt of accuracy. 
No company in the world does what we do. Vizadata is an entirely new category of software, you will see for the first time at DAHub. 
Created by Judah Phillips and Dan Hess based on years of experience working with 75% of the Fortune 500 and selling hundreds of millions of dollars in consulting services.