This is no large trade show. There is little razzmatazz and no hard selling. 
So why do the top practitioners in our industry choose the DA Hub?
Because every delegate attending will not only witness the next evolution of analytics and CRO but also contribute to it.
Join the conversation and enjoy the benefits of real interaction.
Conversations not lectures
  • Learn through actively participating in a dialogue 
  • Ask, challenge, interact & influence the conversation 
  • Be part of the exclusive group of innovators shaping the future of digital analytics & optimisation
  • Discover original solutions to your pressing challenges
  • 60 quality discussions moderated by experienced practitioners
Meaningful networking not just chit chat
  • Lock yourself in with 150 leading practitioners for two days
  • Create meaningful connections not just LinkedIn contacts
  • Intimiate enough to have continuous two-way knowledge sharing
The right environment
  • Get out of the office and immerse yourself in knowledge exchange
  • Conference location & facilities designed to maximise your learning time
  • We take care of your meals & social activity so you can focus on what matters to you
  • Great social events so you can continue the conversation over a drink and good food
65% of DA Hub delegates are client-side practitioners
33% are executive client-side decision makers such as:
  • Chief Data Officer
  • VP Analytics
  • VP Business Dev. & Analytics
  • VP Customer Analytics
  • Executive Director
  • Director of Analytics
  • Director of Digital Solutions
  • Director of Optimization
  • E Director Global Optimization
  • Head of Analytics & Personalization
  • Head of Data Governance
  • Head of Digital Analytics
  • Head of Online Analytics
  • Head of Web Analytics
  • Head of Audience Intelligence
  • Head of Customer Intelligence
  • Head of Marketing Intelligence
98% Rate the DA Hub Either Excellent or Good:
95% Delegates Rate DA Hub Networking Events Either Excellent or Good:
96.5% of all attendees are recommending this event for colleagues.

Why delegates rate the DA Hub so highly?

"The small huddle format fosters amazing conversations and networking. Excellent event!"
"The DA Hub is the most effective conference for learning and networking in the digital analytics field"
"DA Hub is at the top of my list as far as analytics conferences go. So valuable!"
Shari Cleary 
SVP Strategic Insights & Research
Comedy Central
John Glinski
Sr. Digital Analyst
June Dershewitz
Head of Data Governance & Analytics
"If you can only attend one digital analytics conference this is the one you need to pick."
"The level of conversation and sophistication is way above any other conference."
"Never have I attended a conference with more quality dialogue and learnings than the DA Hub."
René Dechamps
Sr.  Analytics Director
Prolet Miteva
Sr. Manager Digital Analytics Platforms
Andrew Richardson
Director of Analytics
Delphic Digital
"Most conferences are akin to a 500 seat freshmann college course but the DA Hub is like a graduate school capstone class --- these are the right conversations to have with the right people."
"It's all about conversation. It's all about knowledge sharing. There are no vendor booths, no free USB sticks, no mints.
It's fantastic!"
"It’s one of the most important events on my calendar to keep up with how well the people, processes and technology of digital marketing analytics are faring in the field"
Chelsi Linderman
Sr Content Strategist
David Williams
Digital Experience Director
Jim Sterne
Digital Analytics Association
"You don't find this level of detail and delegate participation in other conferences"
Sasha Verbitsky
Senior Director of Analytics and Testing
Abercombie & Fitch