2017 Workshop Day - October 2nd
Session #1
October 2nd
10am - 12pm
Digital Mortar

We have nailed digital analytics, right? Seriously, digital analytics enjoys great tools, pretty good methodologies and relatively mature practices. So when it comes to omni-channel analytics, the missing piece is not digital – it is what happens in the store (or branch or mall or stadium). That piece? Not in great shape.

In this workshop, we will take a look at the next generation of physical measurement systems – ways to collect customer location data via camera, wifi, Bluetooth and mobile application. You will get a good grounding in the technologies followed by a deep dive into the measurement. What gets collected. How it works. Problems and pitfalls with the data. Key use cases. And much more.

This is fascinating stuff with the potential to create dramatically new views of who the customer is, how they shop, and how it ties to the digital experience. And speaking of ties to the digital experience…we will cover that last. The ins-and-outs of customer identity in the physical world. The methods (from statistical inference to hard customer tie) for putting together digital and physical customer journeys into one whole piece. The elusive 360-degree customer view!

If you are in retail or concerned with ANY form of omni-channel that involves non-digital experiences, this workshop will rock your world.

33 Sticks

Businesses naturally focus on transactional and conversion metrics. They often ignore the fact that consumers interacting with the business are at different stages of their customer Journey. Some are in early research mode while others are ready to buy; some are looking for additional services while others are considering leaving for a competitor.

Treating them all the same is missing a sizeable opportunity. Developing clear customer definitions, mapping customer journeys, and leveraging your analytics data will unfold a wealth of business optimization opportunities to increase revenue and improve customer satisfaction.

In this workshop, Hila Dahan, co-founder and principal analytics consultant at 33 Sticks, will walk you through the Journey Model applicable to retail, hospitality, travel, lead gen, or subscription models. She will use examples for each of those business models, and define frameworks for properly leveraging data collection, instrumentation, and architecture methods to define these customer audiences, identify the necessary analytics data and how to extract it from within your digital marketing stack.

We will observe the customer journey using two frameworks:

  1. The Purchase Cycle - where consumers are in the purchase journey
  2. The Customer Cycle - where consumers are in their overall journey with your brand

Come with some ideas around the customer milestones in your business and be ready to craft an analytics plan for that journey map.

Search Discovery Inc.
If you put a group of digital people in a room and ask them to generate design ideas, you’ll get a ton of ideas. Heck, everyone has an opinion about what their company website should look like and what’s missing.
Ideation is a critical first step in the testing process, but to be successful you must be able to generate the “right” ideas and prioritize them effectively.
Want to avoid drowning in a sea of ineffective tests? Great! Join Search Discovery Inc’s testing and optimization expert, Kelly Wortham, for an interactive workshop that will teach you how to do exactly that.
In this workshop you will learn:
  • Various ideation methods necessary to create a good test idea pipeline.
  • Prioritization methods for creating a test roadmap. -
This workshop is interactive, so please bring examples of your website, app, mobile site, landing pages and marketing campaigns so we can walk through the ideation and prioritization process using concepts relevant to you.
Come with your thinking cap on and leave with a treasure trove of ideas and prioritization processes for your organization’s testing roadmap.
Maass Media

Business leaders are increasingly savvy about the benefits of analytics and are prepared to invest heavily to tap into the vast riches promised by optimized digital journeys. Yet, analytics is often still a tough sell to executives who fund your program.

Unfortunately, there is no one reason nor a standard set of practices that will guarantee executive commitment. In this workshop, we will examine strategies and tactics to build a business case for increased investment.

Through a set of exercises, discussion and small group collaboration we will explore the questions you need to answer to help you make the case for investment. These include:

  • How do you create a thriving analytics culture?
  • How do you manage your stakeholders and their expectations?
  • How to know who to hire, when to hire, and when to let someone go
  • How do you evaluate the effectiveness of governance?
  • Knowing when it’s time to re-org or be “acquired”

You will come away from this workshop with a better understanding of what you need to do to improve your program performance and position your program for more engagement, a higher profile and additional funding.

Session #2
October 2nd
1pm - 3pm
Digital Mortar

Measuring traditional web and mobile journeys is mainstream. For many of us, the challenges these days are more esoteric. All sorts of companies are building digital experiences. In store. On ship. In kiosk. Online.

These experiences are not much like traditional experiences. They blend concepts from games, ecommerce, and applications to create much more interactive and immersive digital experiences. They are cool. Sometimes they are useful. The first is largely undeniable. The second is a job for analytics.

In this workshop, we will look at the concepts behind experience measurement. We will start with measurement concepts for fitting digital experiences into the broader context of a journey and a segmentation. We will look at metric concepts that help you understand and document how well the experience is integrated with the rest of the business. Then we will dive down into experience measurement: from outcomes, to engagement, to UI, to performance and uptime, we will look at the metrics and measurements that might be illuminating.

Finally, we will take a look at alternative strategies for data collection and analysis and consider when, if and why tagging may or may not be appropriate. A primer on the next generation of thorny problems: from digital signage to interactive fitting rooms to tele-health applications, experience is the new frontier in digital analytics and you will get everything you need in this Workshop to start measuring well… .

33 Sticks

Identifying the different customer journey “cycles” and milestones is the first step in customer journey mapping. We will then discuss how best to produce meaningful, story-telling analysis, and share recommendations on how to use those new customer definitions to build relevant experiences for your consumers.

In this workshop, Hila Dahan will walk you through advanced applications within analysis and optimization to enable informed business decisions, and specific personalization recommendations that apply to the various customer journey cycles.

Hila will show you how to:

  1. Elevate your analysis methods around audience identification
  2. Surface strong opportunities within the customer journey
  3. Make recommendations for personalizing those experiences

Hila will reveal tangible tactics for you to take back and apply in your business regardless of industry. Through this collaborative workshop, we will spark ideas and conversations around how customer journey concepts apply to your business. If understanding customer journey analysis is one of your priorities then this workshop is just the thing for you.

We have arrived at a fundamental shift in marketing that is as impactful as the advent of the Internet: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
This workshop introduces marketing professionals of all ranks to the theory, the language and the practical application of these disruptive technologies. This workshop will not teach you how to be a data scientist. It will teach you enough about the language and implications to speak cogently with your colleagues, and determine where to apply this innovative technology first.
You will also get a firm grasp on how these new tools will change your job and what you can do to remain relevant in tomorrow’s marketing department.
Key Takeaways
  • How Machine Learning Works for Marketing
  • What Machine Learning Cannot do for Marketing
  • How to Onboard AI and ML into Your Organization
This workshop is for digital analysts who must now face a new, educational learning curve.
This workshop is for marketing managers who must respond to the C-level insistence that the marketing department “get with the times” (management by in-flight magazine).
This workshop is for those who need to survive in these changing times even though they are not data scientists, algorithm magicians, or predictive analytics statisticians.

es for your consumers.

Search Discovery Inc.
When setting out, most organizations take a "test everything" approach. However, this inevitably slows everything down and increases the risk that your testing program pushes actionable test ideas to the side to make room for less important, less impactful risk aversion, valuation, and “go fix” ideas. Not every idea is testable. Not every idea NEEDS to be tested. Some are super low-risk "go do" or “go fix.” Some need usability-focused testing. And some just need research and analysis.
If your testing program is straining under the weight of too many (potentially unnecessary) “test” requests, or struggling to meet the needs of too many stakeholders using testing to calculate the size of their slice of the pie, then this workshop is for you. Kelly Wortham, Director of Optimization for Search Discovery Inc., will teach you how to develop a cross-functional governance committee to review and delegate all incoming test or analytics requests to the appropriate teams, letting your testing program remove red tape instead of adding new layers of it.
You will learn all about how to:
  • Set up a testing governance committee
  • Decide who should be on the committee
  • Discuss how the committee should work together to make decisions
  • Set input and output expectations of the committee meetings
You will walk away with a practical framework for solving this all-too-common challenge, letting you refocus your optimization program on just that – optimization.
Session #3
October 2nd
3:30pm - 5:30pm
Maass Media

Digital analytics job tracks have generally fallen into one of four quadrants: practitioner vs consultant and analyst or a manager.

These are a pretty narrow set of choices and ones that are continuously becoming out of touch with the evolution of technology and the analytics skill set.

In this workshop, we will deliberate on how you should think of future roles. We will also explore how managers can encourage and motivate teams to higher performance.

We will examine career variables – going beyond the basics of raise and title change – to help you plan your next progression paths. We will also look at potential impacts of automation, machine learning, and programmatic marketing on the overall value of analytics, and the implications for you.

In the second half of the workshop, we will focus on how to maximize team performance through mentoring, feedback, collaboration and other positive approaches - a critical component to exhibiting your leadership capabilities for career growth.

By the conclusion of this workshop you will have the following takeaways:

  • Top three personal factors to consider when changing jobs and considering opportunities
  • Pros and cons of intentional vs non-intentional career change
  • How to manage macro factors that are out of your control
  • How to create an environment of success for your team
  • How to create a culture of constructive improvement

This will be an interactive workshop, so be sure to come prepared with examples of what has worked and lessons learned during your career and your team leadership experience.

Ambition Data

Take your analytics to the next level and learn how to answer more strategic business questions. How much does a bad customer experience really cost? How effective was that acquisition program in terms of customer quality? Are your retention efforts targeting the right people? Learn how to calculate customer value when you know customers as well as when you do not.

Research shows that customer-centric businesses improve revenues by at least 10% through more accurate targeting and retention programs. Yet many marketing executives do not really know which customers they are talking to and what messages to use.

In this workshop you will discover:

  • What customer centricity is; and why it works
  • The 6 key challenges you must address as you develop a customer-centric program
  • 12 ways your company can benefit from developing a customer-centric metrics framework
  • Case studies from Electronic Arts, Caeser’s Entertainment and others leading the way

Following this workshop, you will acquire an understanding and appreciate the steps needed to enable a more customer-centric culture. You will also be able to articulate a more complete story of customer value.


Whether you are in digital marketing, analytics, or data science, you probably are constantly feeling the pressure to use A/B testing, machine learning and/or attribution to improve your marketing efforts.

Nevertheless, it can be confusing to see how they all fit together and what is going on under the hood. Fortunately, all the concepts above can be recast as components of a simple, yet powerful framework borrowed from the field of Artificial Intelligence, the Intelligent Agent.

This workshop will introduce the Intelligent Agent framework. We will review A/B Testing (both frequentist and Bayesian views), the multi-armed bandit, as well as predictive targeting, and show how they can be recast as parts of the Intelligent Agent challenge.

This workshop will provide a safe, if demanding, environment to really grok these concepts. I will take a rational approach, and stamp out any magical thinking that you may have about testing or machine learning. There is no free lunch, and so I will highlight both the benefits and costs associated with testing and targeting.

You will receive some reading material prior to the workshop to help us jump right in. You will come away from this workshop with clear understanding of how these three concepts can be unified and utilised to improve the performance of your digital assets.