Anil Batra's DAA Advanced Digital Analytics Course
Do you already have experience with influencing business change? Are you ready to move into reflective analysis that drives real return on investment for your company? Want to advance your career prospects? This course will help you deliver all of that.
Taught by analytics expert Anil Batra, this interactive full day advanced digital analytics course will give you practical tools to elevate your analytics skills. It will also help you transition into a thought leader within your organization.
Building upon the Fundamentals of Digital Analytics, this course encourages participants to critically examine methods and metrics in ways appropriate for their specific business model. Learn how to effectively communicate analytical data, best practices for site 
and campaign design, and examine campaign performance standards from the CFO perspective using control groups and simple predictive models.
Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:
  • Define gaps between measurement practices and business goals for the company
  • Create a framework for standardizing the evaluation of current performance measurements
  • Provide feedback on the design, execution, and outcomes of testing efforts
  • Manage a results-oriented analytical culture adept at driving business change
The course follows the Digital Analytics Association's syllabus and is endorsed by it.
Participants will be awarded six  Professional Development Units (PDU) towards their DAA Certified Web Analyst certification renewal credit.
Anil's Advanced Digital Analytics course is endorsed by: